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Season 1

EPISODE 1 – We Bring The Dazzle

Episode 1

Meet “Freaky” Dink Fingerhut, former DJ at radio station WTFH in fictional Mixon, Georgia in the 70’s. Dink introduces The Dazzle […]

EPISODE 4 – St. Patty’s Dudes

Episode 4

The Dudes bring the Dazzle for St. Patrick’s Day; has love found Jimmy?

This episode was co-written by L. Attaway, […]

EPISODE 7 – ‘Shrooms

Episode 7

Jesse treats the band to chemically-induced mind expansion; Connie is not pleased. Hookie-how!

EPISODE 19 – Mixon After Dark

Episode 19

A newly discovered tape from Freaky Dink Fingerhut’s archives reveals the Dazzle Dudes in their very first radio interview on […]

EPISODE 20 – Bribery

Episode 20

As the Battle of the Bands approaches, Dink & Fletcher have another shady meeting with Munn & Tander; the Cap’n […]